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Another Zombie Popcorn Book Club book is here!

  • June 26, 2010 Zombie Popcorn’s Book of the week;

JAWS (Jason‘s Pick)

[singlepic id=1313 w=320 h=240 float=right] Author Peter Benchley’s classic tale of a great white shark that terrorizes the small resort town of Amity Island is certainly one of the greatest horror novels–and movies–of all time. Any audio version of the novel certainly has large shoes to fill in terms of entertainment value for blood-thirsty listeners. Narrator Erik Steele delivers a solid performance that brings new layers to the familiar characters of Hooper and Brody. Steele’s delivery has the characters speaking in a natural yet subtly terrified tone that seems to grant listeners access to the tale in a new way. Ultimately, the story is still as thrilling as, ever even without the John Williams score, and Erik Steele’s performance heightens the tension, thereby increasing the payoff at the conclusion

It is time, come with us as we re-visit the waters after all these years…. don’t be afraid it is only JAWS


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Every Saturday at 7-9pm Eastern on Zombie Popcorn Radio, we will announce a new book during the show. The audio books will offer a wide range of topics. Including, but not limited to, horror, art, music, and life. We also will take suggestions from you.

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